Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Line array speaker project

These are parts-express buyout drivers. 69c per pair. Part number 309-160  I actually had to tear apart 52 pairs of speakers to pull these drivers out (not all of them are in the picture) :)

Drivers are glued back to back, then hung on a piece of rope, then wired in parallel/series configuration for 5 Ohm. They are configured as dipole (front - push, rear- pull) There is total of 48 drivers per side.

8in away on axis frequency response (FR) and harmonic distortion.

Correction circuit

12ft away on axis array FR

FR of two arrays with correction circuit and OB woofers together, at listening position, about 12ft away.

For a little less than a hundred dollars in parts and shipping, I've made a not bad sounding exotic speaker system :)
Here is my subjective impression of the sound from these speakers. While you are sitting or standing in one spot, sound is very similar to a standard speaker, maybe with a little bit of a full range flavour, just as all full rangers these drivers are forced to play in their resonant region. The big difference from other speakers begins to reveal itself, when you start moving. There is an impression of sound "glued" in space, does not matter where you move, sound remains exactly the same. Tone and loudness do not change.


  1. i was wondering if you have t/s parameters for this speaker and if you tried push-push configuration?

  2. Unfortunatelly I lost all project files. As I remember these speakers have very high Qts, about 4.0 With push-push configuration they sound very thin (no mid-bass)

  3. I stumbled across this while I was surfing parts express somewhere in march, but I couldn't figure out how to comment.

    Anyways, I think that this was pretty bad ass.