Saturday, October 25, 2014

Omni-stereo speaker for a small room

In one of my previous articles I mentioned that I enjoy sound that travels some distance, before arriving to listener's ears. I'm not going to write long boring article how I arrived to final design. In short- I found out that in small room, single speaker with stereo channels firing from one point sounds better than a pair of stereo speakers. My goal was to make a speaker which I would place nearby and still have an illusion of distant spacious sound. For large rooms typical pair of speaker does adequate job.

Trying different ways of mixing stereo channels.
In terms of sound precision, nothing beats mono coaxial speaker.
What do I mean by sound precision?
It is difficult to put into words, it has to be heard. 
Analogy would be a photo in focus (coaxial mono)
and photo not quite in focus (all other configurations)

Final result is below.
Sub-woofers are in isobaric configuration.
I am happy with this speaker, although I'd rather split it
in 5-6 ways for greater dynamics. But that would be another project.
Green graph is frequency response at listening position
(both channels playing )
 Crossover is pretty basic, but works well.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Some recent experimentations with parts-express tactile transducers and stretched canvas allowed
me to create a very interesting product.
FR can be fine-tuned by strategically adding acrylic paste to certain areas of canvas.
Sound is surprisingly good, similar to an unfiltered full range driver, which many people like.
Here is an example of fine sounding painting I made after Joshua Reynold's "Strawberry girl" 20"x24"
Sample FR shows a transducer attached to canvas. Final product's FR will be smoothed out by adding more transducers and acrylic paste.
One downside is that painting can not be wall mounted, it has to be set on an easel.
I am working on wall-mountable prototypes of boogie-paintings.
Update August 14, 2016 : project has evolved into an art gallery. Above described concept will be utilized only for fine art applications, as it is clearly not suitable for high fidelity sound reproduction

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Crossover for E0057-08/06 C18EN001/M

This is an experimental crossover for new Seas E0057-08/06 C18EN001/M coaxial driver.
I don't have actual drivers, I just modeled crossover that I would use with these drivers.
If someone tries it, let me know how it sounds.
There are resistances of regular air core inductors were used for simulation.
Tweeter must be wired with reversed polarity.