Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 way loudspeakers

These are my first 3way speakers. They went through several crossover iterations, the chosen crossover sounds best, obviously :)
Parts used:
0.75 parts-express cabinet (sealed),
tweeter - Usher 9930-20
mid - CSS FR125(early model)
woofer - seas H511

Rear chamber for mid driver is made out several layers of duct tape.

Final crossover, and calculated frequency response.


  1. For sealing the back of the midrange, I would have chosen aluminum foil tape. did you entertain that idea? Making an outer layer with aluminum tape would make the sealed back more rigid and less like to suffer from woofer modulation. I do not think the aluminum tape would suffer from any ringing problems that occur in aluminum enclosures. plus, most sealed back midrange drivers are metal baskets anyway.

  2. I found several layers of duct tape to be sufficient. I tried to tap and deform this soft chamber, while playing pink noise,it did not affect impedance curve in any way.