Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crossover for Dayton Audio B652 speakers

Dayton Audio B652 are hugely popular speakers.
I'd purchase a pair for evaluation, but I don't have space for any new projects.
Nevertheless I designed crossover for these speakers. It is based on measurements
provided by other people. I traced graphs from Zaphaudio site. He has the most helpful set of measurements.
Here is my crossover and parts list:

6.2uF capacitor (2)
22uF capacitor (2)
3Ohm resistor (2)
1.2mH inductor (2)

It is important to flip tweeter's polarity, otherwise you'll get this FR (yellow line)
White lines represent unfiltered response of the drivers.
The biggest expense in this upgrade are inductors. You could save some money by using piece of
foam to filter out woofer's high frequencies. But it would require you to have a sound measurement setup.
This version of crossover should provide nice laid-back sound.